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The USAID-funded One Health Workforce Project (OHW) is seeking two experienced organizational development (OD) consultants to support the strengthening and ongoing development of the Southeast Asia One Health Network (SEAOHUN) and the One Health Central and Eastern Africa Network (OHCEA).

It is anticipated that the consultant will be retained for an initial period of 6 months (with the potential for renewal through project end in 2019). One consultant could be based in Thailand with some travel to the countries and member institutions in the network. One consultant would be based in Kampala, Uganda with some travel to the countries and member institutions in the network. The consultants will report directly to the Partnership and Strategic Development Coordinator and work closely with the One Health Workforce Organizational Development Team.

The OD Consultant/Network Development Specialist is expected to:

  1. Work with SEAOHUN/OHCEA to develop a comprehensive sustainable development plan that reflects their vision, institutional capacities and organizational structure and includes plans for achieving long-term funding, sustained membership, and support for flagship activities after initial project funding ends in late 2019
  2. Assist SEAOHUN/OHCEA in identifying its strengths, weaknesses, strategic vision, and long-term goals and work together to review, where appropriate revise, and implement the organization’s Strategic Plan.
  3. Support SEAOHUN/OHCEA in clarifying its value proposition for the network. This will include developing strategies with leadership for member engagement, supporting leadership and network members with implementation.
  4. Develop together with SEAOHUN/OHCEA a focused resource mobilization plan towards long-term sustainability in alignment with the strategic plan and a value proposition for donors that includes development and maintenance of long-term strategic partnerships and identified sources of short and long term financial support for the organization’s core functions and network activities.
  5. Advise SEAOHUN/OHCEA on best practices for strengthening the structure and function of their governing bodies and work together with SEAOHUN/OHCEA to identify the core functions of these bodies and develop terms of reference for officers and committees.
  6. Provide mentorship and coaching for SEAOHUN/OHCEA leadership to implement the sustainable development plan including strategies to engage governing bodies, staff and network members in implementation.

SEAOHUN and OHCEA have recently undergone a comprehensive external organizational assessment examining the strength and limitations of its governing bodies, leadership and management capabilities, as well as policies and practices related to governance, human resources, management, administration, finance, organizational management and program management. The findings from these assessments and subsequent implementation plans will be made available to the consultant and it is expected they will be integrated, where relevant, into the plans above.

The consultant will be expected to possess a full range of organizational development skills (including strategic planning, change management, executive coaching), preferably with experience in higher education and with membership organizations, to support these objectives. International and cross-cultural experience is a must for both consultants. For the consultant for Southeast Asia, Thai language skills are desirable and travel to Southeast Asia is necessary in order to visit network offices and meet with executive leadership and staff members. For the consultant for Africa, French language skills are desirable and travel to Africa is necessary in order to visit network offices and meet with executive leadership and staff members.

The consultants will report to the University of Minnesota, the grantee and implementing partner of the One Health Workforce project. The selected consultant and the University of Minnesota will mutually discuss and refine the scope of work and performance schedule.


Required minimum Education and Experience

  1. Master’s degree in Training and Development or Organizational Development (OD), or a Bachelor’s degree with at least 10 years of experience in OD
  2. At least 5-10 years’ experience working as an OD specialist in an organization
  3. Experience developing strategic plans for organizations
  4. International experience in Southeast Asia (SEAOHUN); International experience in Africa (OHCEA)

Desired experience

  1. Experience working in academia or university setting
  2. Fluency in Thai (SEAOHUN); Fluency in French (OHCEA)


Seeking two consultants for immediate hire for a renewable 6-month contract. Application Deadline: May 15, 2017

For more information, please contact

Amy McMillen, Partnerships and Strategic Development Coordinator, One Health Workforce Project, University of Minnesota, amcmille@umn.edu

Background Information on the Network:

The South East Asia One Health University Network (SEAOHUN) is a consortium 10 founding universities and 14 founding faculties in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam that are collaborating to build One Health capacity and academic partnerships with government, national and regional stakeholders in the Southeast Asian region. The regional network was first founded in December 2012 with funding from USAID’s Emerging Pandemic Threats program. It was registered in Thailand as a foundation in 2014. The Secretariat office is located in Chiang Mai, Thailand. The Secretariat is the operations, coordination, and implementation unit of the Foundation, which is under the direction of the Chairman and Board of Directors. Each member country in SEAOHUN has created a national coordinating office that also serves a country-level One Health Network.

The One Health Central and Eastern Africa (OHCEA) university network is a network of twenty one public health and veterinary higher education institutions that are located in eight countries in the Eastern and Central Africa region, a region that includes the Congo Basin which is considered to be a “Hot Spot” for emerging and re-emerging infectious diseases. OHCEA was created in 2010 with funding from USAID’s Emerging Pandemic Threats program. The Secretariat is headquartered in Kampala, Uganda where it handles the financial and administrative operations for the entire network and coordinates the planning and implementation of technical activities with member universities. The top decision-making body of the Secretariat is the Dean’s Summit, comprised of the deans from all 21 member schools/colleges located in DRC, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, Cameroon, Senegal and Uganda. Core members include Schools of Public Health and Colleges of Veterinary Medicine. Each country team is represented by a Country Administrator (employed by the Secretariat) and a Focal Person (one faculty member from each member school is contracted as a focal person for their university’s activities within the network).


Consultant for Africa: Fluency in French is preferred.
Consultant for Southeast Asia: Fluency in Thai is preferred.


To apply, send a resume and cover letter to amcmille@umn.edu
More information about One Health Workforce


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