Deans, Partners and Steering Committee Meeting “Multisector collaboration & Partnership” at Bangkok on September 1, 2020

Yearly, a one-day Deans, Partners, and Steering Committee meeting was held on September 1, 2020, in Bangkok. Three key agencies, including  THOHUN member universities, governmental partners and private sectors, SEAOHUN, and funding agency; USAID, had participated in the meeting. The meeting aimed to provide a forum for the THOHUN Steering Committee to communicate on goals, policy, and newly developed 5-year strategies towards OHW development and institutional sustainability with deans of THOHUN member faculties and THOHUN partners. Year-2020 performance of One Health Workforce-Next Generation was reported. Upon the past activities and year-2020 performance and THOHUN priority, operational and implementational plans for year-2021 of the OHW-NG were presented the members and partners. In the next fiscal year, THOHUN will focus on institutionazation of OHCC e-learning platform and establishing student OH clubs and call for proposals from university members within the framework of the funding agency for year-2022 implementations.