Needs & Gaps and 5-year and strategies & sustainability development workshop at Bangkok on August 19-20, 2020 

THOHUN organized Need & Gap analysis activities and a 5-year strategic development for OH development and institutional sustainability between 19-20 August 1977, to create a shared understanding of what the THOHUN has done in the past five years and the needs and gaps of THOHUN’s stakeholder. Also, to develop a consensus vision, missions, and focussed areas THOHUN should do in the next five years, roadmap, implementation monitoring, and how to ensure THOHUN’s sustainability. In this workshop, THOHUN successfully invited stakeholders from three key agencies, including THOHUN’s university members, SEAOHUN and THOHUN alumni, governmental partners, and private sectors, to participate in the workshop. The funding agencies (RDMA, USAID) and staff of THOHUN-National Coordinating Office (NCO) themselves also participated in the workshop facilitated by the Innovance Partners company. The result of this workshop creates a common understanding among THOHUN-NCO, THOHUN’s faculty members, and relevant stakeholders, including student alumni, SEAOHUN, USAID, and Pfizer partner on strengths, weakness and gaps & needs in OH workforce development by THOHUN. The vision and missions of THOHUN were accordingly reviewed and revised, then together with five-year (2020-2025) strategies and roadmap of implementations of THOHUN were drafted and submitted to THOHUN Steering Committee for approval.