One Health in the park, a special online talking in the topic of “Is the mRNA vaccine safe for children? on October 26, 2021

National Vaccine Institute (NVI) and Thailand One Health University Network (THOHUN) have organized an online seminar, special event “One Health in the Virtual Park” on the topic of mRNA. Is it safe for children? How should parents make decisions for their own ones? Answers to questions sticking in their minds, possible side effects after vaccination, vaccine effectiveness, will be clarified be experts both pediatrician, Prof. Thanyavee Puthanakit from Faculty of Medicine, Chulalongkorn University, and cardiovascular surgeon, Prof. Rungsit Kanjanavanit, from Faculty of Medicine, Chiang Mai University, to promote facts over fear, bringing reliable to guidance to parents.

mRNA vaccine is officially authorized to use for children aged 12- 18 years in Thailand, said Dr. Thanyavee. It is strongly recommended for children to be vaccinated, especially ones who have conditions developed from birth or later in life e.g. obesity, diabetes etc., but stated and controlled, to get the vaccines, because they definitely help to reduce disease severity and serious complications. With reference to  the research during COVID-19 Delta outbreak in the USA, mRNA vaccine in children, aged 12-17 years, is 93% efficient, the same rate as in adults. Former information shows that the vaccines may help keep people from spreading COVID-19 to others as well as they can keep your child from getting seriously sick even if they do get COVID-19. She encourages to help protect your whole family by getting yourself and your children 12 years and older vaccinated against COVID-19.

Undesired side effects caused by COVID-19 vaccines widely vary among individuals include common side effects which might experience only mind side effects to none while some might get rare or unusual symptoms especially a serious concern for parents was getting inflammatory cardiomyopathy.

Actually, once checked with the electromagnetic radiation, it is quite different between the real case and one caused by the COVID-19. However, as consideration reasonably of the tradeoff between the risk and benefit, Prof. Rungsrit said it was worth to get the vaccine, because the rare symptom might only occur within 2-3 days after vaccination and 95% of this group was not serious, no need to be in the hospital, the symptom could go away and got back to normal.

According to the recommendation of the Royal College of Pediatricians of Thailand, all children aged 12-18 years, both having normal and conditioned health should get vaccines 2 shots but this is optional for the boys aged 12-18 years that they may consider to get only 1 shot depending on their particular symptoms.

Dr. Sunate Chuenkitmongkol, Deputy Director Scientific Affair at National Vaccines Institute, said that currently there were statistically about 200,000 Thai children or 10% of total infection. Vaccine usage’s announcement for children will be considered in the aspect of data from research, size of the dose for particular age and the symptoms from the side effects. Due to COVID- 19 is a new emerging disease, the new researches are always coming up and updated.

No vaccine is authorized to be used in children under 12 years yet, the recommendation of wearing masks, habitual washing hands and keeping social distance are still applied for this group.

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