THOHUN-NCO has organized an online talk show activity, One Health In the park VI in the topic of “Safety Songkran” on April 8, 2022

THOHUN-NCO has organized an online talk show activity, One Health In the park VI, on last Friday, 8 April, 2022, 13.30 – 15.00, in the topic of “Safety Songkran” in order to share knowledge, self-protection guidelines for taking care of yourself and your beloved persons during the coming Songkran festival this year.

The key fundamentally importance that THOHUN would like to emphasis was in four areas.

Firstly, concerning to COVID-19 infection, Dr. Chawetsan Namwat, Director of department of disease control and emergency health hazard kindly informed about how to prepare yourself before travelling by getting vaccinated and booster doses for both yourself and your surrounding persons and always keep your eyes on the symptoms of COVID -19 that may be shown in any particular time during your trip.

Followed by the accidents usually occurred during Songkran celebration, Ms. Roongarun Limlahapan, Director of social risk control office, Thai Health Promotion Foundation, also showed the data and evidence of the lost caused from land transportation, drunk drivers, fast driving, and not wearing helmets.

In addition, from talk of the town, the news of falling into the water, Mr. Anyawut Poampai, a rescue service from Pok Teck Tung Foundation, has shared his experience on how to survive when ones accidentally fell into the water. He recommended to shout first in order to determine and indicate of the accident’s location, this will gather other people coming to help, then you might throw something floating to the victims to hold and support himself/ herself above the water, or in case of he or she is nearby, you can give a stick to hand over. To jump into the water to help the victims is strongly not recommended because both might be in danger of drown together. The most important is not to be panic, and correctly know how to rescue properly.

Lastly, unforgettable to remind about sex harassments, Ms. Supawadee Nuanmanee, the president of Thai Clinical psychology and a governor officer at Department of Mental Health, Ministry of Public health, has explained types of sex harassment with examples and also gave the scenarios of how to respond and prevent including to deny, not to be in possibly unsecured situations.