One Health One Mahidol #1 or One Health One Mahidol workshop

The first meeting of three workshops of the “One Health One Mahidol #1 or One Health One Mahidol workshop” was held on July 31, 2013 at Mahidol University, Thailand to advocate One Health to Mahidol Community. The workshop was aimed to encourage participants (i.e. representatives from faculties, centers, institutes, and colleges in Mahidol University) to share and learn about the aspects of One Health that are related to their disciplines and other fields.


The activities included presentations and One Health knowledge sharing conducted by invited speakers and group discussions. The workshop was divided into two main periods. The first discussion was aimed to identify wicked problems generate and combine issues identified by each group (e.g. communication problem, teenage pregnancy, global warming, waste management, etc.). The second half of the workshop aimed to apply the One Health approach to solve a wicked problem. With the examples given by the invited speakers who have experience on wicked problems related to their professions, strategies in engaging stakeholders, and their actions to solve wicked problems, participants gradually obtained One Health skills. The output from group exercise could be applied to real situations in the future. The workshops were deemed successful in transferring One Health knowledge as well as establish a network within the Mahidol community.