Thailand One Health core competencies and curriculum mapping workshop

THOHUN-NCO organized the workshop on THOHUN-One Health Core Competencies and curriculum mapping at Metropolitan Hotel, Thailand. Its core goals were to finalize the OHCCs of Thailand and learn how to map and integrate the OHCC domains4 and their competencies into the Thai standard curricula.

The instructors of the workshop were from University of Minnesota, Tufts University, and RESPOND-DAI. The attendants included 44 professionals from 6 universities consisting of Chiang Mai University (Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Nursing, and Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), Mahidol University (Faculty of Environment and Resource Studies, Faculty of Nursing, Faculty of Public Health, Faculty of Tropical Medicine, and Faculty of Veterinary Science), Chulalongkorn University (Faculty of Veterinary Science), Kasetsart University (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), Khon Kaen University (Faculty of Veterinary Medicine), and Prince of Songkla University (Faculty of Environmental Management and Faculty of Nursing).

By brainstorming, the participants were able to finalize the Thailand OHCCs and categorized them into three levels; novice, mid, and expert. Unlike global domains or other countries’ domains in SEAOHUN, the Thailand OHCC domains of Culture and Beliefs and Values and Ethics were combined together and merged into the domain of Culture and Ethics. Thus, the Thailand One Health Core Competency consists of 7 domains: Planning and Management, Communications and Informatics, Culture and Ethics, Leadership, Collaboration and Partnership, Systems Thinking, and One Health Knowledge.