Trans-Disciplinary Capacity Building of THOHUN and VOHUN for Streptococcus suis Infection Prevention: Training of the Trainers #1

The Faculty of Nursing, Chiang Mai University organized the training during October 16-28, 2013, to establish and strengthen trans-disciplinarily collaborative network between THOHUN and VOHUN (Vietnam One Health University Network) for S. suis infection prevention. This workshop resulted in the preventive model for S. suis prevention that would benefit population in both Thailand and Vietnam. Most of participants were experts in fields of health including nurses, medical doctors, veterinarians, public health officers, and epidemiologists.

The training methods of this workshop consisted of lectures, small group discussions, case interviews, brainstorming, and presentations. During the workshop, participants learned about the collaborative network, the basic knowledge of One Health, S. suis infection in pig and human, surveillance of S. suis infection, prevention of S. suis infection from farm to table, and how to diagnose, treat and care for S. suis patients. Through hands-on experience, participants had a chance to learn how to conduct an outbreak investigation of S. suis infection.