Training of THOHUN trainers on One Health Short Course

The workshop was organized by DAI-RESPOND on December 6-7, 2013. 28 trainees from 6 university members were trained in the prototype of the course curriculum, the layout of SEAOHUN regional course modules, an overview of module content, and innovative ways to integrate and teach the materials in existing curricula. After the workshop, they were aimed to be THOHUN trainers who could deeply understand One Health concepts and One Health Short Course, as well as effectively deliver them to other THOHUN members in the next THOHUN workshops. The trainees from 6 universities were from various faculties including Nursing, Environmental Management, Veterinary Science, Veterinary Medicine, Public Health, Tropical Medicine, Environmental Science and Resource Study, and Medicine, and also College of Public Health Sciences. Trainers were from Training Resource Group (TRG), Tufts University, University of Minnesota (UMN), and DAI-RESPOND.