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Course Description

Advanced Level - International Short Course on Ecosystem Health THOHUN-Environmental Literacy Institute

The intensive short course facilitated by multi-disciplinary experts to prepare One Health and Global Health Practitioners who are equipped with update knowledge and discipline-based skills and trans-disciplinary skills-Communication & Leadership and Systems Thinking, Collaboration & Partnership, Critical Thinking and Problem Solving

What learners know and are able to do after the participation

  1. Strong understanding of the complexity of the environment, domestic and wild animal, and human connections and health issues
  2. Demonstrate Systems Thinking in health-risk assessment, laboratory detection skills of infectious disease or public health problems and analytical skills.
  3. Develop appropriate risk communication and intervention for a community using One Health approach.
  4. Aware of community culture and norm and demonstrate appropriate manner for community participation and outreach.
  5. Collaboratively work with multi-disciplinary experts and stakeholders


  1. E-learning on human, animal and environmental health issues and diseases, fundamentals of infectious disease detection and tools, risk analysis, One Health concept and approach, One Health, community outreach and risk communication and social innovation.
  2. Content Areas
    • One Health issues: Infectious diseases in animals; Environmental change and health effects; Antimicrobial resistance; Human-wildlife conflict
    • Tools and Techniques: Sample collection & detecting of medically important organisms;
      Geographic Information Systems; Water quality assessment; Risk analysis for food safety
    • Fundamentals of One Health approach and intervention: Participatory Epidemiology and Community approach; Risk communication; Social innovation
  3. Two weeks of laboratory investigation and detection and capstone-based project for application of discipline-based knowledge and development of social innovative solution to address One Health problems of a studied community through real experience of community- and field-based learning with human, animal, environment and social innovation experts.

Course Timing

E-Learning on June 19-30, 2023
Field on July 10-21, 2023

Participation channels & cost

THOHUN member: free* to 535 USD
THOHUN-partners: 749 USD
Non-member: full rate 1,070 USD 

* Scholarships are available for THOHUN members (20), Thai governmental sectors (2) and SEAOHUN members (7, one per OHUN). Scholarships are available via a competitive selection criterion or by institutional nomination. Applicants are required to make a deposit payment of 50% of course registration fee upon admission to the course. The rest of the tuition fee will be due by the first day of course. We accept credit card, cash and money transfer. Course fee is non-refundable, when the application is confirmed


Undergraduate (third year or higher) and graduate students or health practitioners or from government and private sectors. A wide array of academic background such as medicine, public health, veterinary medicine, other health sciences, life sciences, agriculture, environmental resources, wildlife conservation, education, engineering, humanity and social sciences and economy is eligible for course participation.

English proficiency in both writing and speaking is required for the course participation.

Fee Timeline

Applicants are required to pay a 50% deposit upon admission to the course. The normal period is around the beginning of April. The remaining tuition fees are due by June 15, 2023. Course fees are non-refundable. We accept cash and money transfers. Full details of payment methods will be communicated upon acceptance of the course.