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Course Description

Basic Level - International Short Course on Ecosystem Health THOHUN-Environmental Literacy Institute

What learners know and are able to do after the participation

Strong understanding of the complexity of the environment, domestic and wild animal, and human connections and health issues

Features & Content Areas

Three modules of E-learning on

Module 1: Human, animal and environmental health issues and diseases
Module 2: Fundamentals of infectious disease detection and tools and risk analysis
Module 3: One Health concept and approach, One Health, community outreach and risk communication and social innovation

Course Timimg

Throughout the year

Participation channels & cost

Free of charge


Undergraduate (third year or higher) and graduate students or health practitioners or from government and private sectors. A wide array of academic background such as medicine, public health, veterinary medicine, other health sciences, life sciences, agriculture, environmental resources, wildlife conservation, education, engineering, humanity and social sciences and economy is eligible for course participation. English proficiency in both writing and reading is required for the course participation.